Survais is now free to use. All new and existing users have been upgraded to the power plan.

Features 🔥

Customizable themes
Mailchimp integration with the Email Slide
Twitter handles & hastag auto-linking
Embed Survais within your content
Generate & share links to your Survais
Mobile & SEO Friendly
Strictly served over HTTPS
Updates autonomously


Here are some of the settings and customizations available for your Survais 😄

Where the Survai will appear on the users screen.
The text displayed on the button that shows the Survai.
Checking this will show the Survai, even after the user has completed it.
Checking this box will hide the Survai on mobile devices.
Checking this box will hide the Survai for non-mobile users.
Theme Settings
Header Preview

This is an example header

This is an example link: @Survais_

Experimental Settings New
The moonlight color scheme is a darker theme for Survais. This color scheme will match nicely with darker themed websites.
Image of the Moon.

Join the Dark Side

The new Moonlight color scheme may be better suited for darker themed websites 😎

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